Wednesday, 10 July 2013


To begin I am setting myself challenges, to undo as many negative traits that I have taken on as possible.

In the interest of science I would love to do these individually, allowing you to see the benefits that each one has, but there is one significant problem with that…the majority of these changes need to take place now.  

So I am beginning with the following:

-No more fast food (I would normally have 3-4 meals per week out of convenience)

-7 day juice fast (Beginning with a detox, with the intention to complete a full fast eventually)

-100 press-ups in 7 weeks (I am currently on week 4, and my goal is to do 100 press-ups per day as part of a morning routine)

-The 30 day No Porn/No Masturbation Challenge (There are so many negatives from this and it has been a strong addiction, pretty much every day since I was 12, so this is where I am most looking forward to seeing a change)

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